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Designed to provide the closest shave & exfoliation, leaving the skin smoother than ever! Includes 3 piece Safety Razor and 5 Dual-edged stainless steel blades. 

Ideal for pre-permanent hair reduction treatments.

How to Use:
Twist handle counterclockwise & detach. Place dual-edged blade between guard & cap. Align pieces & twist the handle clockwise securely.


  • Weighted safety razor 
  • Non-slip grip
  • Eco-friendly, NO waste
  • Dual-edge, stainless steel replaceable blades 
  • Reusable & non-disposable razor
  • Unisex - Safe on course and sensitive areas

CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN! Hold sides of blade ONLY! Blades are sharp!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Fastest delivery EVER!

Ordered some new blades because I’ve been loving them! (I can never get a closer shave with any other razor). Ordered at 3pm yesterday and it was in my letterbox that very night! Amazing service and product! 💗

Merve S

Loved my cute little FreshBlade its amazing works so well love it and the packaging was so sweet, very speedy delivery for me which was so good to see, thanks so much, the blades are nice and sharp so works so well for a dry shave too yay, you wont regret buying it xx

The perfect shave.

Been lucky enough to get my hands on fresh blade. The weight and the looks of the shavers feels priceless and most importantly the smoothness it gives to you once you have shaved.
Ideally great for any part of your body. It’s a must have product, ideal for home use and also for travel.
Worth its value, why spend so much money on so many disposable ones and get cuts and skin scares when you can own your own Fresh blade and use it for a life time, and have the best skin ever.

If you need a good shaver you can never get wrong with Fresh Blade.

No nicks or bleeds!

Smoothest dry shave I’ve had in months! *wow that’s so smooth and omg it got my tiny hairs * it’s exactly what I was saying using this fresh shaver. exactly what I need and love about this shaver. No bleeds or cuts like my other razor, just exfoliation and smooth skin so lucky I bought this. Thankyouuuuu and +++recommend to buy it ASAP you won’t regret it.

Deanna Muaremov

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Fresh Blade during pre order & it is amazing!! once you use a Fresh Blade there is honestly no going back. No shaver on the market can compare. It leaves your skin smooth, removes dead skin & reduces hair growth. You will fall in love the moment you get your hands on it! Highly highly recommend!

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